Monday, May 04, 2009

Swine Flu - Update

School is open and activities are on for tomorrow.
Here is how today played out...
The reason the school was closed, was that there were some cases of flu from last week.  The school was waiting for results of the test to determine if it was swine flu and erred on the side of caution while waiting the results.
So, it would appear that the case tested negative for swine flu and we can resume school as scheduled.
Of course, we were told that our match today was not cancelled, but rather "on hold".  After pesting the powers that be, I got an answer at 12:15 that we did not have to be at the school at 2:00.  This was after being told that I would have an answer by 10 am.
So, aside from me finding the situation utterly ridiculous overall - I was in limbo until noon today, having to be fully prepared to leave at 2 pm.

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