Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thrift Store Goodness

I love thrift stores... ah the thrill of finding a little gem of a thrift store, one that replenishes merchandise, has all sorts of things and is relatively clean-- oh, so much fun.
Locally, there are many second hand stores and they call themselves antique shops.  These are not the same as thrift shops.  Thrift shops are basically one person getting rid of stuff they don't want and someone else finding something they do want-- and for a decent price!  Many thrift stores accept donations not consignments, so anything that they can sell, turns a profit.
In Concord, there is the Goodwill on Loudon Rd and the Salvation Army store on rt 106.  These are thrift stores, but they are really hit or miss.  And they smell funny.  So, I might pop in there a few times a year, but I am not overly thrilled with them.  I have, however, found some major finds in the Goodwill.
But, it is the local tiny thrift stores that I love.  Years ago, there was one called Second Hand Moe's in Warner.  It was run by a woman (Moe) and she had such fun stuff, old jewelry, housewares, books.... so much fun.  She closed her shop and I missed her.
The VNA opened up the Renaissance Shoppe.  I have found them to be terrible, both about accepting donations (very rude) and pricing (awfully expensive).  They are run by elderly women who are rude, bitter and arrogant.  I have been in there on 2 occasions and have been disappointed with the items they had as well as the prices on some things that peaked my interest.
But, last year I found 65 Roses in Grantham.  It is run by Sarah, a lovely woman who started the store with all proceeds going to cystic fibrosis research.  She and her staff are all so kind and appreciative of their patrons, both the donators and the people who purchase the items. 
I have "hit the jackpot" there, finding books, household items and even furniture!  Plus, I usually get a laugh, like from the above picture.

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