Monday, June 08, 2009

Even More Tennis

Today, I wrapped up the final soiree for the high school team.  We met at a cafe in Warner for a snack and I gave out "letters" big K's to each girl or her pin (first time varsity athletes get the school letter, K, after that they get a pin representing the sport that they competed in).  I had a delicious "chocolate macaroon" latte made with skim milk and Torani coconut and swiss chocolate flavoring.  It was as delicious as a macaroon!
I thanked each girl for her positive attitude and efforts throughout the season.  We chatted about their summer plans, talked to Jen who is departing for college in the fall and had a very nice final day.
The girls surprised me with a lovely card, a beautiful hanging plant and a dozen tennis ball decorated cupcakes!  What a lovely group of young ladies!

Earlier in the day, I embarked on my 5 day long "tennis camp for old ladies" as I call it.  I am the youngest one there, but had a great time. The other 3 die hard women players were a lot of fun.  Annemarie, my very favorite woman there, is in her sixties and from Germany.  She is such a determined player, I admire her skills and fun nature!
Tomorrow, I go back for 4 hours of hard work and fun....

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