Friday, June 12, 2009

Flowers: Lupines

Lupines are flowers, both annuals and perennials. They are wild flowers as well as plants that are propagated and sold in nurseries.
The name means "of wolves" for the erroneous belief that lupines rob the soil of nutrients. In fact they add nitrogen to the earth.
Lupines grow in the Northwest, the West Coast and New England. They are found throughout Europe and as far north as Norway.
Lupines flowers are used to dye cloth.
The seeds are known as a digestion aid and the for skin care.

In Ancient times, Romans used the seeds as high protein snacks and used the lupines to fertilize crops.
The Karner Blue Butterfly Caterpillar only eats wild lupines. The Karner Blue Butterfly is protected by the state of NH.
Lupines can be blue, pink, white, yellow and purple. The lupines are fragrant, like honey and the flower spikes can range up to 60 inches tall!
Lupines require full sun, rich soil and a lot of water.

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