Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fun in Hanover

The front door of YAMA's Korean & Japanese Restaurant

Inside YAMA's. Notice the sushi chefs, (the woman is fantastic) and the bright lime walls.

The little snacks that they bring before the meal, tiny veggies, pickles and seaweed. Yummy.

Delicious Avocado, Crabmeat and Cucumber Salad

Our platter of sushi... Lebanon Roll (covered with orange colored sauce), Chicken Teriyaki Maki (at 12:00), Crunch Munch (at 6:00), Caterpillar Roll (notice how the avocado is artfully wrapped around the sushi to look like a giant caterpillar!)

After the girl's tennis camp, we went for an evening in Hanover. We walked around the Green, then went to the Hood Museum where there were some beautiful exhibits. We spent over an hour observing the Roman exhibit, the Indonesian textiles and some American artworks. Just breathtaking.
We then walked over to Yama's Japanese and Korean Restaurant. We had a wonderful time and a delicious dinner in the bright dining room.

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