Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Speaking of Luck!

Luck and lucky symbols are part of our lives. Some people are highly superstitious and yet I am not so much a believer in these things as being lucky as I am a believer that they bring happy thoughts.
Luck - well, yes, I believe that some people are just plain lucky. We all know people who are. But I doubt it has anything to do with carrying a rabbit's foot in their pocket or the like. But, there are some symbols of luck that bring a smile to my face. Do you recognize all of these?
Crickets - are thought to be good luck in Asia
Ladybugs - supposedly you will be lucky if one lands on you
dragonflies - farmers see these as a lucky sign for a good rice harvest
acorns - in Norse folklore these were considered lucky
rainbows - maybe because of the pot of gold at the end? or the 7 colors of the rainbow?
dolphins - dating back to ancient times in Greece, Rome and Egypt
pig - Germans view these as lucky
elephants - in India, Canade, Britian and the US
rabbit's foot
alligator teeth
horseshoe - must be hung over the door or on the wall in the U shape
a penny
the number 7
four leaf clover
a wishbone - the larger half
a falling star
a stray eyelash
the scarab beetle - Egypt
3 keys on a key ring
a feather

Do you know of any more?


piera said...

What about the shamrock. Finding a four leave clover.

piera said...

Sorry about that. You already have that..

Anonymous said...

Back in the 90s, a friend of mine knew someone who won $25 million. She found out she won while calling the MA lottery hotline from work the morning after the drawing. On the previous day, her mother had mentioned that her old (childhood) bedroom had one whole wall covered with ladybugs! I've believed that ladybugs really are lucky ever since then :)