Sunday, June 07, 2009

State Tennis Match - Doubles

Well, after yesterday's fantastic day, we were due for a bad day. 
Unfortunately, it caught up with us today.

The girls struggled with their match and lost in a quick set 0-8 to Bishop Brady.
I think it was a combination of things, the short of it, three times is way too many times to play one team in a short season.  
(It works out to something like this...  The girls had 11 doubles matches together and this was 3 out of those 11 were against this team, twice during the season and once at States).
I wish I had something positive to say about the match - or even the opponents....well, no one got hurt.

Tonight we have the Athletic Awards Banquet at the high school where superior athletes are treated like royalty (like we need anymore of that in this world) and then given awards.
On Monday, we have the fun stuff - the end of season Tennis Team party.  Since it is all all girls team, we are going for coffee and pastries in Warner.  Should be fun!

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