Saturday, June 06, 2009

State Tennis Match - Singles

Well... I have such good news to report!

We arrived at SNHU this morning, leaving sunny skies in New London for overcast in Manchester.  We were worried about rain, but that never happened, thankfully.
Allie got on the court within 20 min of arriving, which was ahead of the 10:15 start time.  Lenny, an Irish man running the tournament was fantastic - calm, efficient and kind.  He got all the girls going without any hesitation or anxiety.

Allie played Cassie from Littleton.  Allie's opponent played very well and was very consistent, which in tennis is a very good thing.  Allie was on fire and played exceptionally well.  Her serves were strong and definite, her strokes were powerful.  She dictated points which means she had her opponent running for balls, rather than being the one who is struggling to get the edge.
Allie won in s good match 8-1.

For the second round - so we started out with 32 players and now we were down to the top 16, Allie played an opponent who I respectfully call "Rambo" because she wore a red bandana over her forehead and she was an excellent player.
Allie played very well against Rambo, probably the best I have ever seen Allie play.  She was returning serves with ease and playing the points well.  Her opponent was just flawless and defeated Allie 8-0.  After the match, we found out the Rambo is #8 in New England.  After seeing her play, it is no surprise.  She will probably win the State singles match.  If I was a gambler, my money would be on her.
But, the good news and it is very good news is that Allie played exceptionally well.  Last year she qualified for the State tournament and lost in the first round.  This year, she made it to the second round.  Big improvement.

We went to lunch with Stephen and his mother after the match.  It was a great day!

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