Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tennis Camp:Day 2

Today's camp was a little more intense - 3 hours... and was so much fun.
We worked on hard shots: the drop volley and poaching shots.
The drop volley is called a "touch shot" meaning that it is a very gently planned shot, vs a hard overhead (which I love!).  I have never been able to do the drop volley and have never been able to understand how to do it, either. So, today was very productive.
Poaching is so much fun, but can be a very tough thing to do correctly.  To poach in tennis means to hit balls that your opponents meant to be hit by your partner.  The advantage in doing this is that if you can successfully poach, you cut off the ball before it goes back to your partner.  This cuts down on reaction time and adds the element of surprise to the game.
But, if you start to poach and hit a bad shot, you put your self and partner in jeopardy and risk losing the point!  So, it makes it exciting too!

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