Monday, June 29, 2009

What The????

It seems that in Exeter, NH there is a local guy that has set up his hot dog stand, tables and tent for rain, in part of town that he obtained a permit for. The farmer's market opened up 1 day a week at the same location and doesn't want him there because he doesn't represent their values and products (organic wines, plants, vegetables, syrups and wares).
They have driven this man away with the support of some town administrators after he sent a letter to the town complaining that Farmer's market blocked off the road, etc.
It seems in Exeter that the politics of the farmer's market is the politically correct way to go and therefore they are given a wide girth.

Now, I would not purchase and ingest a hot dog from a street vendor. This is my choice, my snobbery, my food safety paranoia. But, that is not to say that I would prevent someone who doesn't have the same concerns from doing so.

On a similar note, last Wednesday when the girls and I went to Hanover, the farmer's market was happening. It was one of the largest I have seen. And it had everything from people selling their garden abundance to artists selling their paintings to a smelly "kettle corn" truck selling their sweet and salty popcorn. If there was something that you wanted, you looked and purchased. If there was something you didn't want, then you didn't purchase it. Hmm.... sounds like a lesson learned in kindergarten to me.

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