Friday, July 24, 2009

Funny Post

It has been a very busy week. Very busy.
But, I had to share this with you, in case you have not seen this....
I honestly don't know if I am intrigued or just amused. It is like the new Crocs...

These shoes are made by a company Vibram Five Fingers that specializes in making shoes for the athlete (rock climbers, swimmers, beach dwellers, martial artists and yoga, light running). The shoes are machine washable, lightweight and supposedly, very comfortable.
Their "claim to fame" is that each toe has it's own little housing!

These shoes have a purpose! For any of the above mentioned uses, I think this shoe would be very helpful. But, you know Americans.... soon people will be wearing this shoe to the grocery store, restaurants and weddings -- ala Crocs.
Crocs started out as shoes designed for boaters. They were water resistant, easy to clean and didn't get wet.... But pretty soon, you saw these shoes is garish colors (bright purple, neon green, yellow) everywhere. And I don't mean in the garden or worn to the beach... I mean wearing them in public! To the theater, out to dinner, to church!

I own a few pairs of Crocs. I wear them in the garden and on compost runs. They are comfortable, easy to clean and utilitarian. I love them. They are not something I would wear to my daughter's band recital or tennis tournament....
I think little kids look adorable in Crocs.... I think middle aged women should be fined for wearing Crocs with a summer dress.
But, these Vibram Five Fingers- well, you know the best thing about them? They make footprints like Big Foot when you wear them in the mud and dust....
I might just have to get a pair to aid in the Big Foot sightings in New London!

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