Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kearsarge Co-Op

14Carrots closed a few months ago, our local co-op that focused on organic foods, supplements local breads and products. Sadly, it was a good thing. Since 14Carrots moved from Colonial Plaza to next to the Lamplighter Inn, they had few shelves stocked and were doing poorly.
Somehow, they managed to bring in the Concord CO-Op to open a location in New London and renamed it the Kearsarge Co-Op.
Well, Ash and I went in today and I am impressed. While it may seem similar to 14Carrots, in terms of layout and product line, they have more.
They have dairy (lots) and non-dairy (soy and the like), offer a variety of breads, have Musterfield Farm Produce and carry a good selection of products, particularly for such a small store.
Now, the prices are high. (All "organic", "sustainable" products are.) But, I am glad to have a them local.
I found arnica gel, ointment and cream (I prefer the ointment), calendula gel, cream and ointment, as well as homeopathic pills etc.
I found castille soap which I have been searching for.
Non sunblock - "sun protection" that has aloe and other herbal ingredients instead of chemicals.
I found a lovely bar of soap that makes me think of Veron.

Because I was a 14Carrots member, I received a $100 store credit that went to pay my membership fee of $100.
Being a member gives me access to sales and percent off days that non-members do not receive.
You do not have to be a member to shop there and you do not get charged a fee if you are not a member.
Being a member just gives you the occasional coupon, info about sales and products and one vote in the annual meeting.
So far, they are doing a good job.
I heard them talking about getting in more gluten-free foods.

sidenote - Christy Carafa is the manager! She went to high school with the twins.

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