Friday, July 24, 2009

Little Hershey's Kisses Have Big, Big Chocolate

Hershey's Kisses are tiny doses of chocolate wrapped in silver foil These little gems have been around since 1907! They are called "kisses" because the machine that deposits them, makes a kissing sound. When they were first made, they were all hand wrapped in the foil until 1921 when they started being wrapped by machine. Currently, machines wrap 1,300 kisses per minute!
One serving is 9 kisses! At 230 calories for 9 kisses, it comes to 26 calories per kiss, which is reasonable if you can stop at just one!

Hershey kisses have been produced from 1907 to present day, with the exception of the years 1942 - 1949. During this time, WWII, the company stopped producing kisses due to the rationing of silver foil. At this time, the ingredient mixers were used to make military rations.

Hersheys makes many different types of kisses, besides the classic, milk chocolate.
They include seasonal flavors such as mint chocolate at Christmas time and limited flavors that change every year - toffee with almonds, extra creamy, double fudge, strawberry cream.
Also, there are current flavors such as milk chocolate with almond, special dark, cherry cordial, truffle, caramel filled and peanut butter filled.
"Hershey Hugs" are produced to go along with the milk chocolate kisses. Hugs are white chocolate covered milk chocolate kisses!
The US Post Office also honored the kiss with a stamp!

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