Thursday, July 09, 2009

Recycling at it's Best

Yesterday, I was so excited to go to Barre, Vermont while the girls were at tennis practice. Barre is an old Vermont town with beautiful old architecture in central Vermont up 89. But, I wasn't going to see the culture. I discovered THE RESTORE while searching for art supplies.
The RESTORE is a organization that accepts donations of items that people or businesses might otherwise dispose of and sells them at rock bottom prices. Their goal is not to make $$ but to prevent useful things from going into landfills.
They have a huge selection of office supplies, paper bags, notecards, posters, wood shapes, ribbons, thread, wallpapers, appliances, home goods (glasses, dishes), lamps, tables, etc.
Their supply is ever changing and their prices are cents on the dollar.
For example, yesterday, I went in to explore and found a bunch of things. I left with a large box full of odds and ends and it came to $16. The woman who was the clerk told me that no one has spent over $15 before....
The trip up to Barre is long, 70 minutes from White River Junction, but on occasion I wouldn't mind making the trip.
I think the premise is fantastic, truly recycling for the masses. Oh, and the the store was busy both with donations arriving and shoppers purchasing.

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