Sunday, July 26, 2009

Repetitive Patterns

This morning, Jon had a tennis lesson in the early morning at Dartmouth. Dartmouth, like all colleges, is a modern day kingdom (more on that in another post). The scenery, architecture and landscape are all impeccable. I have always wanted to walk the grounds and take photos of the various sights, but usually the town is packed. During the school year, it is crowded with cars and students, which really take away from the beauty. But, since his lesson was at 8 am, I thought I would have a good chance of not seeing too many people and because it is July, there aren't many students around.
A beautiful thing to photograph is repetitive patterns. There is something beautiful and soothing to the eye when something repeats itself over and over again, whether it is a large flat of berries or a long shoveled path of snow. At Dartmouth, there were many repetitive images, many of the architecture.

Here is the increasing rising of brick columns as this building ascended the slope....

Repetitive arches, with the brick and paneled windows...

The repeated lines of a crosswalk, painted on the tar on Main Street.

More repetitive arches at the track and field center. The iron gates are also a repeating image inside the arches.

Here is some more exquisite brickwork on one of the buildings.

So, one tip for photography is to capture the patterns we see everyday, either natural, like a field of sunflowers or man-made like the brickwork in a building. It gives an interesting and yet eye-pleasing image.

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