Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sneaky Marketing & Sales Procedures....

Original 32 oz jar of mayonnaise has been replaced with a 30 oz jar

The Union Leader had a very interesting and informative article on Saturday confirming the shrinking size of everyday products but noting price increases in the same products (similar to inflation).

I have noticed and I am sure you have as well, various products "shrinking" in size over the past 2-3 years with no mention or warning to this alteration.

What concerns me is that these changes appear to be done on the sly, almost in a sneaky way, rather than the obvious statement - "NEW smaller 30 oz size".
This is particularly damming when purchasing products for recipes and not noticing the size difference or when calculating prices etc.
Yes, the cost of things increases, but to have it done "on the sly" rather than in a fair and obvious way is frustrating. And yes, it is the consumer's job to be aware of what they are purchasing. But, the minor size changes, almost replacements are a sneaky way of doing business. I would rather be informed of the accurate size and price and then make my decision rather than having to "discover" the smaller amount of product.

Some examples:
-12 packs of canned soda water now replaced with 8 packs.
-Edy's ice cream from 1.75 quarts size to 1/5 quart size with the EXACT same packaging.
-Hershey's Special Dark from 8.0 oz to 6.8 oz size - both labeled GIANT SIZE
-Hagaan Daz "pints" are now 14 oz instead of the accurate 16 oz
-Beer is now found in 11 oz bottles, as opposed to the classic 12 oz bottle

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Laurie said...

Granola bars are smaller now too. Noticed this when I started buying them for the kids.