Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Summer Update

Even though it is summer and far more laid back than during the school year, this past week has been outrageously busy!
We had a great time at M's on the Fourth, seeing Dame, Laurie, Theo and Claudia. Meanwhile,

Allie was competing in a tournament in Nashua. She played well and lost in a tiebreaker to the girl who went on to win the tournament. Junior tennis rules are not standard... in high school they play an 8 game set (meaning the first player to win 8 games first is the winner). The tournament was a 3 set game, with each set being 6 games and in the event of a tie (which was the case with Allie and her opponent) they played a 10 point tie-breaker, (which is the first player to win 10 points, with a 2 point lead). So, Allie played and won her first set, then lost the second set, and then lost the tie break. Jon said she played really well, she was happy with her performance. Playing those stressful matches are very valuable and a great learning experience. To be under the constant pressure of a tournament match and to win any points, is a definite lift or improvement in her game. She has been improving everyday this summer (just like Ash). The change in her stamina and strength has been tremendous!

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