Thursday, July 02, 2009

They look so sweet and innocent....

Jon took this photo from our kitchen, about 10 feet away from the back deck!
Don't let this photo fool you, this is not Bambi, but more like Rambo....

It all started on Sunday afternoon. We had a patch of sunlight in the early afternoon. Not so much sunlight, as a spot of no rain (in between the morning rain and the evening rain). So, I took advantage of the break in precipitation and went for a walk. Now, I had an ulterior motive as well, I wanted to take some pictures with my camera of the lake, but I wanted to play around with the camera settings and see if I could find "that perfect shot".....
So, as I leave the house with my sneakers on and my camera strap hanging around my neck, I head down the driveway. I was so immersed on taking different pictures of the ferns, the wood pile, the light coming from the trees that I didn't notice a couple of deer only 10 feet away from me. Well, they must have been focused on whatever they were thinking about because suddenly our eyes meet.
They look and me with my camera, I look at them and unlike any great photographer who would have snapped up the shots of the beautiful animals in the wild, I ran for the hills!
The deer had the same idea (only smarter as they ran down the hill and I was running UP the hill!).
Once I caught up to my heart that had jumped out of my chest, I started to lament missing the shot!
But after I got up my courage, I kept up with my original plan, went to the lake and took my photos. Of course, it started to rain on my return up the hill. You can imagine that I was on high alert for the deer when I returned. The coast was clear.
When I go home and relayed my tale of bravery to Jon, Allie and Ash, their first question was, " did you get a good shot of the deer?"
I scoffed and said, "are you kidding me, I ran one way, the deer ran the other way and that was that." They had a good, long laugh about the situation. Some comments about my "flight or fight" instinct were mentioned.
Well, not more than an hour later, I entered the kitchen and out our bay window was this enormous, beautiful deer! I called everyone to see the deer. Jon quickly snapped some photos of it.
After seeing the deer so close up, they agreed that this was not a tiny deer, but rather a very large one and perhaps they could understand me running away.
Of course, they had to come and find me huddling under a blanket to tell me this...

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