Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What Have I Gotten Myself Into? ... Day 1

Well, yesterday was a challenging and wonderful day. We started off with a brief warm up run (about 1/4 mile) and then jump roping. We played a modified set and then began our training.
The long distance run was a killer. Between my lack of consistent running and the heat, I was only able to complete 1 lap (barely). It was a 20 minute run and I returned to the courts to work on serves and returns with 3 kids who could not complete the run.
Allie & Ashley, I am proud to say, completed both laps and ran for 40 minutes in the woods, through a graveyard up a killer hill and around the courts. They are getting stronger and stronger every week.
We then had a break for 25 minutes where we went to the pool to cool off. We changed into our swimsuits only to have the lifeguards tell us that they spotted lightning and couldn't let us in the pool until 3:00. Our break was over at 3:00. I nearly cried.
Instead I ran in the shower to cool off.
We then went back on the courts for the last hour doing drills and playing singles against each other. 25 minutes into that, Partha, the coach, asked if I was OK. I told him I was fine.
I told him that I was old enough to be the mother of all the kids here.
He laughed and told me I was old enough to be his mother.
I shot him a look of death.
He got in his car and brought back gatorade.
Now, I normally don't drink gatorade or any of the other sugary drinks... But, I took a swig of the "strawberry Fierce" flavor" and appreciated his kindness. It was gross, just disgusting and I drank 3 more swigs.
Allie & Ash told me that I looked bad, but I was OK, really. I had been giving it my all, so I didn't expect to look like a rose. I enjoy the feeling of working to exhaustion, so even if my appearance scared everyone, I was OK. And I was exhausted.
Luckily, Allie drove home.

To give you an idea of how exhausted I was, another car nearly crashed into us while being careless at the wheel. Instead of getting nerved up and yelling for dear life, I simply said, "Oh, crap, this guy is going to hit us".
Allie veered away and luckily the careless driver saw us.
Ash thanked me for not screaming "BEEP" at the driver like I did last week....

We arrived home unscathed and Ash and I stretched for 30 minutes. I so appreciate her guidance and direction on the stretching. I attribute the stretching to me not being sore today!

We return to the courts at 1:00 today and I am ready to go!

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