Monday, August 24, 2009

My Photography Hobby!

I am blessed, not only with 2 daughters who generously agree to let me photograph them to improve my photography skills, but also I have 2 nieces who allowed me to do the same this weekend! I have been reading, watching tutorials and experimenting to try and learn more about photography and Photoshop. AND I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!
Here are some pics that we took around Jon's parents home. Their home is beautiful enough for a photo shoot, but then add the girls and it is a photographer's dream!

Cassie on one of the back steps. She warmed up to the camera in no time. For a young girl that isn't thrilled with having her picture taken, she looks fantastic!
Jess was a natural. She poses beautifully and has a bit of flair to her. She made it easy to capture fun shots.
Here she is looking like a little lady.
I loved all the shots, but I felt so creative with this one. I turned it black and white, blurred the background and tinted it a bit to soften the contrast up. I think it captured her intensity and seriousness. Her mom liked it, but of course, being a teenager, Cass thinks it is creepy!

Now, I am begging Allie & Ash's friends to pose. Luckily, with the need for school pictures, they agreed!

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