Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Photography Info:

"Macro" lenses are a big in the photography world.

Perhaps you have seen the numeric ratio on lenses... 1:2, 2:3 etc.
This refers to the size that the image appears on your camera's sensor.

A macro lens has at least a 1:1 ratio - meaning that the image appears as life size on the sensor.
A 2:1 means that the image appears twice as large on the camera's sensor as they are in real life.
(Many lenses have macro written on them, but that could be a marketing ploy and not a true macro lens).
So, why do companies do this? Well, in short true macro lenses are highly expensive.
How high? $300 - $700+ for the "basic" 1:1 models.

So, what are alternatives.
Well, simply put there are 2 ways to achieve "macro-like" photography without purchasing a macro lens:
1. Close Up Photograhpy
2. Purchase a lens filter kit such as this one that magnifies the image in the viewfinder. This one contains 4 lens filters that magnifies up to 10X... This worked for me. You can see the above photos. I am pleased with the results for a first time use with the filter moments before a rain storm....

Simply screw the filter onto the existing lens on the camera. Then get very close to the image you want to shoot and take the picture. I did these in my weed garden, where I could find some flowers.
So, I have some fun work to do with my filters.

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Laurie said...

Glad you are enjoying your new hobby! And a fun one! We just had the kids pics done again, I can't wait to share them soon. You can also photograph them anytime, particularly if you are working on "moving subjects". LOL.