Saturday, August 08, 2009

Tennis Catch Up -

I participated in the tennis clinic for the second week. It was fantastic. I was still the last one to finish the running drills, but I became faster and had more endurance. There was one day where my temperature spiked and I suddenly felt nauseous after a series of sprints but I survived. I have to remind myself that I am no longer in high school track.
I played a lot of tennis and I really felt that I have improved. Partha, the instructor offered to let me continue in the junior program during the fall. I was flattered. Yes, I know it is a little weird.

Today, Allie & Ashley participated in a singles tournament in Hanover. Since only 3 girls (including the two of them) entered, they combined the girls and boys draw. Both girls made it past the first round!
They both played extremely well! Evan, one of their teammates was there. When I went to speak to him, he asked me if I was playing in the tournament. I chuckled and told him that I tried, but the tournament director wouldn't let me because I was too old.

(In truth, I did not try to enter the junior tournament. Please. I do have some dignity. Besides, there are plenty of senior women tournaments that would be happy to take me.)

Allie & Ashley were eliminated the next round, each by a Hanover High school player who also happened to be their teammates. Allie was beat by a young lad known as "Bagel" (a nickname he received after stealing a bagel from the co-op as a young child) and Evan, the afore mentioned player. Both Bagel and Evan are great players, and the girls played very well against them.

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