Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tennis Results

Ashley & Alex played at 9 am against a very tough team and lost in a great match. This allowed Ashley & Alex to move on to the Consolation Round....
They immediately played their semi-final match against another tough team.
They spent 4 hours in the sun playing tennis and won their second match!
So, they made it to the finals that were played Sunday morning.
Ashley & Alex won the Consolation Finals and were awarded a gift certificate to the Coop!
Yay. They played beautifully!

Allie & Ted played their first match against a husband and wife team. They won comfortably and had to face.... me & Jon in the semi-finals. We played well and won, but Allie was such a great player. Wow. She hit so well.

The Finals. Jon & I lost to the team that beat Ashley & Alex first round. We played so well in the first round, but lost the next 2 sets. It was a frustrating loss, as our opponents slowed the game down. We didn't have a strategy against that. But, I am glad we played.
I am amazed at the progress Allie & Ashley have made all summer!

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