Sunday, August 09, 2009

Week at a Glance...

Last week we were super busy.
The girls started off the week by sleeping over at their grandparents home until Wednesday morning. Allie & Ash drove all the way to Vt for tennis and I met them there!
Jon had to fly out to Ohio for a business trip. Thankfully, he returned Friday night, safely.

The girls and I went to the Craftmen's Fair on Thursday morning. We met some very talented and kind crafts people. Allie viewed the program before we went and saw the work of one glass artist who made jewelry. We sought this artist out and her work was stunning in person. She was a very pleasant woman and Allie happily left the fair with a new necklace and earrings. Ashley found a very beautiful glass blower. He designed a wine decanter that rotated by spinning. It was beautiful....but pricey. She chose a hand blown tumbler that is a beautiful turquoise color.
We saw a few of our friends who are also vendors/artists at the Fair. Peter Bloch makes wood sculpted lampshades and wood turnings. Andy Hampton, also the plant foreman, makes gorgeous pottery. His booth had a Japanese flair with a stone walkway through his booth. Nancy Nobis was showing her beaded creations. The artists were very talented and once again, the fair was a learning experience. We watched a glass blowing demonstration as well.

Thursday night we went to the Barn Playhouse and saw "The Producers". It was hysterically funny. Talk about a talented cast! The production warned that it wasn't for children under age 14, but there were scenes that were a little uncomfortable having Allie & Ashley there!
I thought, what could the Barn Playhouse show that would be so bad, maybe it was bad language... Well, the language was fine (a couple of curses) but there was a LOT of sexually suggestive and explicit parts. Aside from that aspect... it was hysterically funny and well done. Fantastic costumes, dance moves, lighting, choreography, great singing voices. Excellent.
The girls and I laughed all night long and the next day as well!

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piera said...

Do you remember ushering at the Barnplayhouse?