Saturday, August 22, 2009

Week in Recap

So we had another busy week. I went back to work and am swamped at work!
The girls continue with their tennis right up to school starting again at the end of the month.

Jon's tennis finals were today. He won. His team won! Jon played so well, the best he has played yet. It was a tough match, against two tough opponents. Jon played so well and won in 2 sets. His match was the deciding match for his team as 1 Doubles had lost and 3 Doubles had won, so the winner of 2 Doubles (Jon's match) was the winner of the season. We were so proud of him.

Tomorrow, we celebrate Jon's parents 81st birthdays. Jackie & I are putting together a lunch, so I hope to have photos to post.
I helped the organizer of the tournament by sending out teams, handing out balls and photographing the teams for "team photos". We went to Yama's Restaurant to celebrate and Ash snapped this pic on her phone.

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