Thursday, August 13, 2009

What I am Reading - Ratio

Ratio by Michael Ruhlman is an unusual cook book. He gives recipes, sure, but more importantly, he gives ratios.
Now, the concept is so simple that you would think it was done before. You would be correct.
European bakers taught him the basic ratios for bread dough, pastry dough, muffin batter, etc.
He breaks it down to basic terms 1 part liquid to 2 parts flour, etc. From there, you can alter it by adding a flavored liquid, adding berries, nuts or herbs and voila, you have the basic recipe for most baked goods.
The book is full of anecdotes from the author and it enjoyable to read. But to obtain the Ratio chart, one simply has to go to the author's blog and print out the file or save it to your computer.... Isn't the internet great?

(the file will take a little bit of time to load. Dad, I am sending you a copy in the mail--)
Here is the link to his blog.

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