Sunday, September 06, 2009

Beautiful Day

What a beautiful, beautiful day. The sun was out and it was warm and comfortable in the sunshine, cool and crisp in the shade. Very beautiful day.
Allie surprised me with warm peach muffins for breakfast and she and Ash made me an apple crisp as my birthday cake!
The girls had tennis practice late this morning and Jon had a match, so I went to take some photos in Norwich. I was unable to take some photos because the town hall/main buildings were under construction and were a mess. So, I went to King Arthur Flour instead.
The girls and I bought an "Epi de Blu" at their bakery. This is a loaf of bread like a baguette, but shaped so it has lots of knobs coming off it, like a vine. We like to break off a knob and eat it.
On the way home, I asked Allie to drop me off in New London so I could take some photos. I planned on walking home when I was done and Jon joined me. We had a fun time and Jon even hammed it up for me... It was a gorgeous, gorgeous day.

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M said...

Happy Birthday!