Thursday, September 10, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

I keep expecting the weeks to slow down but instead they seem to get more and more busy. This week was a short week due to the Labor Day holiday, but it just flew bye and all week I seemed to be on the wrong day. I couldn't grasp that today was actually THURSDAY! I have been working all day and then coming home and getting dinner ready, grocery shopping, oh and holding tennis clinics at the high school.
OK, so now I see where my time has been spent.
I have been waking up early every morning and getting the girls breakfast and lunch. I even managed to get a few workouts in before I leave for work, so I am happy to report that news!

This weekend, or should I say tomorrow(!) we have a tennis tournament.
Allie & Ash are a team (the team to beat) and I am playing with a friend of theirs from tennis camp, Cami. She is a nice girl and we had fun this summer, so I am hoping she is comfortable playing with someone 23 years older than she is!
Oh, and our first match is against..... Allie & Ashley. I can only hope they are tired... Ashley told me, "Mom, you're going down".... I told her (with Canuto fire, "not without a fight").
But, it should be very fun.

Jon is playing with his friend Rick and on the male side, THEY are the team to beat.

I had a tennis committee meeting tonight and we are planning for the Upper Valley Open, the annual tournament that we run in November.

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