Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cloche but No Cigar!

A cloche is pronounced "klOsh" not like OshKosh, more like the word in the phrase
"close but no cigar" but with a -SH sound at the end....

A cloche is a protective bubble....some examples include:
A cloche hat, to protect the head, a very classic and elegant style flattering on most people.

But a cloche that I refer to is a glass dome, usually bell shaped used to protect or display something. It is the "in" thing in decorating, but it also is very protective keeping things dust free.
Cloches are used in gardening to extend the gardening season. The cloche is a temporary cover over some plants to protect them from the cold.

Here is a garden cloche or a DIY (do it yourself) cloche, simple an overturned giant clear jar. Dad used to used giant empty mayonnaise jars around new rose transplants. I remember the condensation in the morning sun on the inside of the glass.

Here is a fancy cloche with a delicate bird on the top...Here is a cloche protecting a potted plant, probably used more for display purposes. I have a few in my home, some with plants in them, some with just fun things, like miniature deer and some with photos. During the holiday season, some people put festive things in them.
Some creative people turn other objects into cloches, like a upside down glass, bowl or bottle.

They are fun because they are totally transparent, but they spotlight whatever is inside!

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