Friday, September 04, 2009

End of Summer Tradition - The Hopkinton Fair

Each year, we have brought the girls to the Hopkinton Fair. It is a fun experience with rides, junk food, livestock, booths plus a midway show.
The girls used to love to go on the rides, get some cotton candy and a caramel apple...
Inside one of the dairy tents. What is so amazing is that many of the animals are groomed by kids. These are usually children and teenagers raised on a farm. It is quite amazing to see how comfortable the kids are with the animals and how familiar the animals are with the kids!

This old "Concord Coach" always greets us at the entrance we take. They have an entire barn full of old stagecoaches. Pretty.

For the past few years, we have been getting dinner at the 4-H booth. They have long BBQ pits outside and they grill chickens.

When the girls were tiny, we would take them to the petting zoo. Here are some mini-goats that love to interact with people. While we didn't go in this year, we stood at the fence and watched. It was still fun.

Here is something unexpected... this man is sculpting a sandcastle outside the dairy barns. Here, he made some cows. It was a surprise and fun.

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