Friday, September 25, 2009

Homecoming 2009 at the High School

This weekend is Homecoming Weekend at the High School. Tonight the football team has a home game and the students from the different classes (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) all have booths and selling things to raise money for class expenses. Ash's class is Sophomore and they are selling baked goods and hot cider...
Ash asked if I could make some sugar cookies sprinkled with orange sugar (orange is their class color) to sell. So, I made 33 cookies, they are each 5 inches round....

Here they are stacked on a plate before packaging. Allie got a kick out of the packaging procedure and called it "BAG & TAG".

Here are the cookies before they left the house.... Notice the appropriately colored box for the cookies!

And here is one cookie packaged as it will be sold tonight! I hope it goes well!
Tomorrow is the homecoming dance.

Jon is away at a Men's Tennis Tournament in Mass. He won the first round tonight in singles! This is for his ranking in New England. He is playing in singles and doubles. Tomorrow starts a full day of singles & doubles.

UPDATE: The girls arrived home. The football team won and they sold out of all the cookies!

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