Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Homecoming & Tennis News

Jon is on fire at the tournament! He played first thing on Sat morning in the second round against the #3 seeded player and won!
He then played in the quarter finals an hour later and won that too!!
Today he plays in the semi-finals....
Not bad for his first New England National Tournament!!!

He played in doubles with Richard and they lost in the finals (first round). They had a great match, but were outplayed.

The girls and I have been busy, busy....Saturday night was the Homecoming Dance. Ashley had a beautiful dress all ready, but Allie was on the fence about going at all. So, at 2 pm, we headed to Keene and found her a jacket, skirt and top to wear. They looked fantastic and had a WONDERFUL time. You should have seen their smiles when they got home. They reenacted parts of the dance and were laughing and smiling until they went to bed.

I have some "fall fixin' up" to do around the house. We are scheduled to have some trees removed behind the house in the next few weeks, so I have to remove my "tree faces" and some yard furniture. I have a bunch to organize inside and still have to head to the grocery store!

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