Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Photo Shoot for FALL

I have been working on setting up a "professional" looking photo studio at the plant. While my job is to take pictures of things like furnaces and parts, I still like to add a creative touch to things. So, I created some "still life" fall themed pictures at the plant in a make shift photo booth or two.
I learned A LOT and found the pictures very demanding, very tedious and very difficult to set up or "stage". My first attempt at a photo shoot resulted in a scene of pumpkins that looked good in person, but through a lens, photographed poorly. I found that my set up had to be very different to look good on film, so proportions were important, as was space between objects.
In addition, I had to design the scene with a camera angle in mind. This was different from normal photography where I adjust the camera to suit the photo. Here are my results. I am pleased with my second attempt... And yes, I need more practice.
Here is an urn filled with carefully placed pine cones and berries.

Here are some pumpkins I made from wood cut into squares, painted, sanded and stained with ink to give an aged look.

Here is a "scene" Lots of pumpkins and textures.

Here is a pre arranged vase filled with flowers that I added some leaves and feather to in order to give it more of an autumnal theme.

Here was a scene with almost all of my fall themed supplies. Very busy, but it might make a good blog header...

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