Wednesday, September 02, 2009

School Is In Session

The girls completed their third day of school. It is quite the change from last year.
This is the superintendent's second year and the principal's first year at Kearsarge.
So, there have been new rules and new staffing.

There is quite the change at the high school... The verdict is still out on good or bad.

A slew of older teachers have retired over the past 2 years and a new bunch are in. Many of them are young (still in their 20's) who came to this career after they couldn't get a job in their respective fields after college graduation. Teaching was not their first choice, but rather a "fall back" profession.
Of course, there could still be some quality teachers from this, but honestly, there is a lot of resentment from this particular workforce....
Due to their ages, many grew up in the school system, the Bill Clinton years, the era of "feel good politics" and little personal responsibility.
While they all want to save Dafur, the environment and eliminate global warming, these are the same people who won't associate with the "lunch ladies" or the "janitor" because they are far too educated to do so.
So, for all the "good" it has done to have empathy for the earth, many of these educated people lack empathy and general respect for other people.

When I hear about the young History teacher saying things like "The restrictions in Communist China are not that bad... The Chinese just aren't allowed Facebook or I-Tunes" I roll my eyes and think to myself "My God these people are educating my children!"

I suspect this is going to be a long year...

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