Friday, September 11, 2009

Some of My Toys from Work

Here are some of my tools I use at work.
As I take photos of furnaces and parts, I have learned that any thing I can do to make the photo look good "straight out of the camera" saves me valuable time in Photoshop programs.
So, I have been setting up a photo studio in one of the empty offices.
The photo studio has very effective lighting and backdrop, but not all furnaces can be moved into the studio.

The green thing is a green screen, that is used by filmakers to add various backgrounds to movies by computer. One of the employee's gave it to me. Her son is into video work and has a bunch of them.
So, I use it by attaching it to my giant clipboard and voila! I have a moveable backdrop for photographing furnaces that are too big to move into the photo studio or furnaces that are running and are too hot to be moved.
The green screen offers me a better backdrop than the factory floor with the shelving and machinery. Also, it makes it easier to change the background.

In front of the furnace is my version of a photographer's reflector. I got it at the end of the summer season, so it was $5 as opposed to the $10 cost of a heat reflector for car windshields.
I was thrilled because to purchase one from a camera supply shop would be $40+. This reflects light quite nicely and it lightweight and easy for someone to hold around the furnace.

So, I am always on the lookout for cost effective alternatives to specialty photography products.

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