Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Birthday Gift for Pa

Jon's father's birthday was this past August. The girls and I gave him an IOU for his favorite cookie -- filled cookies. He called us up 2 weeks later to cash in the IOU.
His cookies are not your ordinary filled cookie... he likes them filled with at least 1/4 cup of filling per cookie, he likes a variety of fillings and he like a sugar cookie crust....
Earlier in the summer, I made filled cookies with a flaky pastry crust. They were delicious, like mini pies - but they got the thumbs down from Pa - HE LIKES A SUGAR COOKIE CRUST.

So, I set out trying to find a recipe that would hold the filling without getting soggy or breaking. Most cookie doughs are too soft to work as a filled cookie-- so I used an old trick of substituting shortening for half the butter. (I don't use shortening normally, but for this cookie I needed something to support the weight and moisture of the filling).
Then onto the fillings....
I used a variety of fruit spreads... blackberry, raspberry plus my homemade strawberry jam. And just for a joke I made 2 cookies filled with ---jalapeno jelly!
So, I made up 24 cookies and packaged them in a basket lined with a pretty paper napkin. I gave him the cookies, proudly....

And found out that the cookies weren't as good as the ones he remembered from his childhood!
Double Yikes!

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