Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Chipmunks Don't Know What to Think...

We had some rough winter storms last year and we were so fortunate that no trees fell on the house. We have been noticing that the trees around the house have been growing larger and affecting us in many ways...
The satellite dish gets no or poor reception. This started in the summer when the leaves were lush on the trees.
The back deck is covered with sap, so much so that I have to scrape it clean...
The gutters are FULL of pine needles and tree stuff.
So, we made plans to have some trees cleared.
We started with just a handful of the ones closest to the house.
The guy who was going to do the work, suggested removing some dead ones and some others in order to down the trees.
So, we thought about it and agreed. And I am so glad we did!
He downed 2 truckloads of timber.

The backyard, where lots of trees were removed. The tree closest to the house, that we were most worried about turned out to have a hollow inside full of ants! We are lucky to have it gone, so that it doesn't fall on the house!

Here they are grinding a stump (on the right) and chipping some branches on the left.

So, now we will have a big cleaning job to do in the spring or if we get a spell of warm weather this fall!

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