Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cleaning Your Pillow

I have to admit, I have never cleaned our pillows before! If something spilled on them, yes, I have cleaned them, but not routinely, like I change the sheets....
I read an article about cleaning pillows and I have to admit that I am negligent.
So, I learned that it really is important and easy to clean your pillow.

Changing the pillowcase frequently, is very important, especially for someone with either acne, rashes or illness. But washing the actual pillow is important as well.
Simply remove the pillowcase and pillow cover (if you have one).
Now, either fill a large sink with hot water and a tsp of detergent or use a washing machine set on hot, not warm water.
The hot water is important to kill dust mites and prevents you from using bleach.
Either set the washer on hand-wash or gentle cycle OR wash in the sink, swish around and gently, gently press excess water out by pressing a thick cloth towel to absorb most of the moisture. (Don't squeeze or press too much or you can damage the feathers in a down pillow).
Then, put in the dryer on air dry - no heat with new tennis balls to completely dry.

Try washing your pillows with the change of seasons or the changing of the clocks.

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