Saturday, October 24, 2009

I've Been Busy...

I have been super busy this last week.
I worked on learning the program Adobe Dreamweaver to create a website for the tennis club. My new website can be viewed here. I spent a week working on it (aside from actual work, tennis and normal household chores) and posted it on Friday. Getting onto the web was harder than the entire design, but Jon saved the day and helped me.
I was thrilled.
I accomplished my four goals on Friday:
1- Get snowtires installed on my car
2- Upload the website (thanks to Jon)
3- Play well at my tennis match
4- Cater the kids tennis tournament.

The girls had fun and played the best yet. They love their tennis group and are learning so much from their instructor. They are making lots of progress.
Ash is assistant to the coach and she is his ears and eyes. Give her a week and she will be running the show!

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