Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More from Sunday in Boston....

Sunday was so packed with things, I have another post....
Just to show what a great day it was.... Look at the sky at the Mass. State House. Just brilliant.

Here is the "Freedom Trail" throughout Boston. The red line goes on for 2.65 miles but does not make a loop. Instead you end up about 2 miles from where you started.... But what is amazing is that the trail is marked so thoroughly, even through construction spots. It crosses the Charles River even!
Nice touch for tourists so that you have a feasible option to taking the guided tour. However, it is rather quaint to see the tour guides dressed up as Revolutionary figures, male and female scattered throughout the city. Every time I spotted one, I remarked to Jon about "there's Ben Franklin" and threatened to take a photo. Jon pleaded with me to NOT take their picture, as they were very animated and would be very dramatic about it. I love that....

And here is where we decided to quit following the Freedom Trail. The thought of going through all these people was enough to make me want to call it quits.
So, we did what all tourists in a strange city would do. We took a back alley, complete with delinquents, winos and garbage everywhere until we got away from the crowds. Jon told me that I worried him as I suggested the back alley. "Had I not read about what happens to people who go into dark alley's?" or something like that.
At that point, remembering how we bumped into everyone like bumper cars, I preferred to take my chances with the street gang....

And lastly, we returned to Cambridge. Here is a lovely metal sculpture of the earth. It is surrounded by globes and we think that it will have lights and a fountain when complete and when weather permits. It was very peaceful in this section of town. Another couple arrived and asked up to take their photo by the globe. We read the plaque that stated that it was made MIT, but didn't go into much detail. As we stood back in the peacefulness that surrounded the metal sculptures we relaxed a bit. It was quite lovely, and even though the art was made of metal, there was a warmth to it. A pleasing design and symmetry.
Of course, it was a this point that a mean old rat clawed it's way out of the trash can right behind us and ran off.
Jon and I let out a loud "Ewwwwwwwww". And looked at each other in horror.
Oh, my God. That rat was the size of a raccoon. And it was not timid. It made me feel like I was intruding!!!
I guess I am just too much of a country girl. The wildlife and I have an understanding in NH. The squirrels, deer and bears here do their thing. I do my thing and when we meet, I run like hell.
OK. So, I guess the rat and I have a similar understanding.

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