Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize Lost Credibility

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The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize went to President Obama. It was decided upon in February, only 10 days after the president took office. Critics and supporters of the president alike are stunned and dismayed by news of his "win".

The Nobel Prize used to be a standard of excellence with choices like Theodore Roosevelt in 1906, and Mother Theresa in 1979.
But since the late 60's (the beginnings of the radical movement) the supposed prize became a political tool to support socialism worldwide and celebrities who support favored political causes.
Proof of this is winners such as Yasser Arafat in 1994, various U.N. organizations in 1981, 1988, & 2001, The International Labour Organization in 1969, and don't forget Al Gore and the Committee on Climate Change in 2007.

Sadly, a standard of excellence and achievement is now an effort in global marketing for their political ideologies.

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DamianC said...

I agree,
His win Cheapens the prize, considering they sited that his "achievements" have yet to show anything of substance yet, but that they might at some later time, as opposed to people who have made a real difference, and have something to show for it.