Monday, October 19, 2009

Old Cats Can Learn New Tricks

One of these creatures is a killer.
I say that with pride because even though the vet swears that they are felines, aka cats, they have never been "mousers". One day last year, I stumbled upon the three cats standing back and observing a mouse in the house and I had to do the mousing!
I suspect they watched closely, because today, we found a present.

Well, more precisely, Ash found the present. And SHE was whom it was intended for. Ash, despite being a 5"10 inch brainiac, is the one person in the house that the cat's like. Or should I say adore. The cat's think that she is their mother and they wait for her in the mornings, ambush her in her seat and follow her around the house. If she forgets a sweater or piece of laundry outside her closed bedroom door, when she later finds it, it will be covered in cat hair.
This has been going on so long that she routinely picks up lint rollers when out shopping.
So, it is no wonder that our little killer-cat brought Ash the prize corpse.

Well, Ash is cursed as the one in our family who stumbles upon dead/dying pets....We call her Dr. Death.
Sure enough, she found the mouse corpse right by her living room seat.

At first, she called to me in the kitchen, "Mom, there is a mouse upstairs".
Well, being the protective mother that I am, I got my battle gear (broom and dustpan) and prepared to battle a live mouse.
Well, no such luck, it was a still wet from cat saliva, little mouse corpse. I will spare you the photos...
I picked it up with paper towels....lots of paper towels and tossed it in the trash. Apparently, Ashley tells me that I was emitting a noise the entire time I disposed of the creature and that is why she felt the need to give me encouraging words, "You are doing a good job, Mom"....

So, after that I pet the cats and told them "what good little kitties they are" and told Ash to give them extra treats.
It has taken over 10 years, but they are finally earning their keep....

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