Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Operation WRITE HOME

I sent out a package of 40+ handmade blank greeting cards last week.
They will be checked at a OPERATION WRITE HOME's place and then sent to soldiers in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq. There, soldiers will use those cards to send greetings to their family and friends. Let's face it, there isn't a Hallmark store in the middle of the desert. So, these cards are a sought after item.
Operation Write Home is an organization that supports the troops. They ask anyone who is wiling to send black handmade cards (for the holidays and just everyday greetings) and then they send a package of 300+ at a time overseas.
There are deadlines for various holidays. Halloween and Thanksgiving deadlines have passed, but Nov 5th is the deadline for Christmas themed and Hanukkah themed cards. January 5 is the cut off for Valentine's Day cards.
Another clever thing they do is accept "AnyHero" cards. These cards are not blank, but rather have a little note inside sending encouragement and thanks for a soldier who is either injured or struggling. I sent 2 of these. I found them very hard to write, but so important.
The website tells all the info and even gives updates on Mondays.
The local chapter is in Mass. and it took 1 day by mail to get my cards to the volunteer.

I am working on my second batch. I hope to make 50 this time.

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