Thursday, October 22, 2009

Playing Around

One of my favorite things to do with the computer is illustrations. I find it relaxing and fun. I love to do "avatars" of people we know... Turning a person into a cartoon character. Some times it works out really well and I can capture that person. Some times, I can't.... But, the challenge is very fun and rewarding for me.
Here are 2 of my favorites so far....

This is Partha - the tennis pro that we go to. He is a fun person. Since I write the club newsletter, I have some freedom to do some fun things with the illustrations.... And here is Partha from the "ASK THE PRO" section of the newsletter!

When he saw it, he giggled like a little girl. He said, "Oh, that isn't me!" But I could see that I captured him enough for him to actually recognize himself. It was very fun!

Next up, we have a good guy from work, Johnny. He is a good sport and one day when I was taking pictures of this massive furnace, I realized that I wasn't able to get a good perspective on the size of the furnace. He volunteered to stand in front of it to show scale. He saved the day. He automatically leaned on the furnace which showed confidence in the structure as well as pride in his craftsmanship. I loved it! I told him it was very cute and he turned red.... That wasn't my intent, but I did appreciate his help.
So, here he is as a cartoon character. I did use this illustration, with him leaning on the furnace in the advertising. It was great!
(I also printed out a poster for his buddies in the shop of him modeling.... Everyone had a field day with it! And I think I may have burned my bridge with my one and only model!)

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Débrouillard said...

Wow Daniela You are great!! Can I commission a portrait, I'll upload it on facebook