Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What a Day...

For the past few weeks at work, my computer has been "acting up". Files were not opening, the computer would freeze and be unresponsive and the screen would turn blue. I thought that the computer was dying, so I tried to copy all my files onto other computers.
Today, when I told Jon what was happening, he suggested that it was a virus and to have Eli, our tech guy, work on it.
Sure enough, Eli found a virus AND it was on my flash drives as well! He cleaned it off and was working on getting fixed when I left work.

Flash back a few months ago.
I came into my office one Monday and found the computer turned on. It was on a porn site. It turns out that the cleaning crew that comes in on the weekends was using my computer for "recreational" purposes....

This is how we think the virus was transmitted.
Now, I plan on locking my office. I will vacuum it when needed.

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