Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What is This?

These are called "Bottle Trees" and are common in the south. Sometimes, I see one on the way to Franklin.
Bottle Trees are a type of folk art. Translucent bottles are carefully collected and placed on a metal or wood post where there are arms for the bottles to stay. The bottle tree has African origins - the premise being that the bottles glow in the sunlight and evil spirits are drawn to the glass and get trapped inside. There, they can do no harm.
Slaves from the Congo created bottle trees in America by placing bottles on the ends of tree branches. Now, the bottle trees are more formal, using metal or wooden structures.
Skeletons for the trees sell for $90 and upwards.

People in the southern U.S. keep these in their gardens. They don't require water or weeding and add some color to the yard, They can change the bottles and the colors on their whim. The one thing though, is they are warned to take the bottles in during a hurricane or tornado.


Calamity Anne said...

I've got a small grove of bottle fact, they're super simple to put together. The fun part is collecting the bottles...hiccup!!!

Picture of the grove:

Planting your tree:

Calamity Anne said...

By the way...I found you by way of Tasty Kitchen!

piera said...

There is a bottle tree across from the school I work at. Instead of using nice bottles, they used beer bottles. Not the same presentations like the one on your web site.