Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Worrisome Sight...

It seems like only yesterday that this was Allie's afterschool face. Here she is circa 2002 at Grandpa's basement with his stash of squash and pumpkins. She is adorable!

I arrive home and nothing sends shivers up my spine like the sight of Allie baking.
Don't get me wrong, she is a great baker. But, the problem is not with her baking, but with her mood when she likes to bake.
She bakes when she is frazzled or frustrated...

So, when I saw the bowl on the counter and she was reaching to plug in the mixer, I asked cautiously, "What are you doing?"

She laughed and said, "I am making oatmeal raisin cookies. I had a rough day".

Where does Allie get this from?
When I am frustrated or upset, I CLEAN. I scour the floor, clean the trashcan, vacuum under the fridge, clean out the cupboards, etc.
When Jon is frustrated he either watches a movie or eats.
When Ash is frustrated, she paints...

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