Tuesday, November 17, 2009

5 Blessings in Life

Life is full of "blessings" or little things that bring intense happiness. Life is also full of miracles, but I consider blessings to be the mundane, under-appreciated things that life is all about.
Here are 5 of my blessings for today:
1. Making a list. I enjoy the satisfaction of making a list (plus it is the only way I remember all that I have to do!) and the thrill of being able to cross things off my list! I can't tell you how I feel accomplishment from having a list with everything crossed off.

2. Cup of Tea - hot or cold, herbal or black. I love tea with lemon or plain but no sugar.

3. A gentle cool breeze. Something about the feeling of a cool breeze across my face is so refreshing -- not a February night breeze, but a mild October breeze is almost spiritual.

4. A Pink Sky. Lately, we have had a LOT of glorious sunsets with pink in them, either a lot of pink or just a stroke of pink. It never stops amazes me to see pink in the sky.

5. The Public Library. I love being able to "borrow" books, movies, audio books and magazines. I am particularly blessed in that Tracy Library is so well stocked with new books and periodicals for a small town library.

Each day, I am trying to find at least 5 things for which I am grateful. It is really quite easy to do.

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