Thursday, November 05, 2009

Busy Week and it is only Thursday!

Yesterday, I had a 10 am appt. with Partha, the tennis pro to help him make the draw for the tournament. He expected it to take 30 minutes, I thought it would take 90 minutes. Well, I didn't leave the office until 3 pm when my computer battery died!!!!!
It took us all afternoon, 5 HOURS to do the paperwork, administrative work for the 67 person tournament!
We got done in record time. (At least that is what we were told by people who have done this previously)....YIKES..

So, my afternoon was shot and I didn't take a break for lunch, so I was cranky, hungry and cold, by the time the day was done.
Today, I was a chaperone for Ashley's Spanish class field trip to Manchester. We went to the beautiful and old Palace Theater with 45 high school students, stayed for 2 shows and then to LaCaretta for a Mexican lunch. The shows were Latin Music and Flamenco music and dance. The performers were very, very talented musicians.
It was a very long day (and this doesn't even include the bus driver getting lost on the way to the theater).
Tomorrow starts the tournament and all 4 of us play....stay tuned!

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