Monday, November 30, 2009

The Cat that Adopted the Workers...

Meet Mo Mellen.
No, we didn't get another cat. But, we were introduced to him today and he is lovely.
One day a year ago, this cat showed up at the plant in Webster and didn't go away.
He patiently watched the workers work and they found him to be a good mouser. So they invited him in, gave him a place to stay and some food. By day, he hunts and explores outside.
By night he hunts mice in the plant.
Today, we had some work to do at the plant, so Jon & I stopped by and Mo came up and greeted us as soon as he heard the unfamiliar car pull up.
After he said hello, he made himself comfortable on an unused workbench and watched us complete our work.
The workers say that he has been great at solving the mouse problem and the woman that works in the office "talks" to him during the day.
Mo is a very nice cat. He is quiet, curious and calm. It was the last place I expected to see a cat!

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